Tokyo Tornados, a volunteer cricket club, has been formed by like-minded people to encourage
    cricket sport in Japan. With lots of cricketing experience by the founders of this club, we are committed
    to helping the members of this club to improve their game. We are open to accepting players who are
    new to the game & want to take the journey of cricket as a sport. Since the inception of the club in
    December-2020, Tokyo Tornados have been accepted by JCA to play the North Kanto T20 league 2021.
    A warm welcome to the members of the club & the sponsors. A group must have regulations when
    we are in big numbers. Tornados club is no exception to that. Let’s play!


    i. A LINE chat group is used to share cricketing updates to all members in the club
   ii. Addition of any New Members to the LINE chat group (i) will be done only by the Club Manager
   iii. English is strictly the medium of communication in the main club chat group (i)
   iv. Japanese who isn’t able to communicate in English are Ok to exchange Japanese texts on the chat
   v. Memes, Forward Messages, any personal promotions are strictly prohibited
   vi. Club manager has the full authority to remove any of the members not complying the above from the group chat

   i. Tokyo Tornados is committed to assess New Players abilities & suggest the best roles in the team.
       Typically, players will be invited to a practice session to assess batting & bowling skills.
   ii. We identify the suitable role in the team for the player during the practice session.

    i. Cricket in Japan is an expensive hobby and all the tournaments involve a hefty entry fee. Tokyo
       Tornados is a volunteer club & in order to cover up the expenses, the members/players of the club
       will be asked to pay a membership fee annually. The membership fee includes a minimum of Jersey
       Fee, Sports Insurance, Club’s Kit Fee, Tournament Entrance Fee
    ii. 50% concession on the Membership Fee will be provided to the Female Senior Members in order
        to promote more gender equality & Cricket sports to everyone
    iii. 100% concession on the Membership Fee will be provided to all UNDER 19 Players

    i. All the players are free to use the club kit during practice sessions and for all the matches. Players
       are strictly not allowed to use the club kit outside Tornados cricketing activities.
    ii. The club covers all players under group sports insurance. During unlikely events like sports
       accidents, this insurance is a must to cover the medical expenses or other damages.
    iii. Every member of the club receives a jersey set & a cap.
    iv. Members joining after the season has started may have to wait a while to get a team jersey & cap.

    i. A registered player in Tokyo Tornados will assure a 50% playing chance of the total games that a
       player has given availability for.
    ii. Player is expected to give at least 50% availability of the total games. For example, if a player gives
         his availability for 4 games of a 7-games tournament, then the player shall be picked in 2 games to meet the 50-50 rule.
    iii. Exceptions:
                   a. The 50-50 rule is applicable only for the 40-over or long-format game
                   b. The 50-50 rule is applicable only for league matches of any tournaments. Knock-out games are exempted from the 50-50 rule.

    i. Tokyo Tornados players should comply with JCA guidelines & ICC standard rules.
    ii. Tokyo Tornados insist players abide by the following unwritten ethical rules
                  a. Umpires decision is final. Players have no business with umpires on the field except respecting
                      umpires call. Any action of disrespecting umpires is taken very seriously. Players will always
                      talk to the on-field umpires only through the captain.
                  b. Tokyo Tornados engage female cricketers & juvenile cricketers (U15/U19) as well. It goes
                      without saying that the members of the club should always maintain decorum when
                      exchanging conversations in the group chat / on the field. Players should restrain from any
                      form of sarcastic comments, gender-specific comments, and adultery language.
                   c. Bullying, Verbal Abuse, Harassment, and Embarrassing Players in any form are strictly
                       prohibited. Players should use the appropriate language to communicate. Avoid Language that is:

  • Discriminatory, Racist or Sexist
  • Negative, Belittling, Sexual or Offensive
  • Intended to Threaten or be Harmful
    iii. All the personal information provided with the Club during registration will be maintained
    confidential & will be utilized only for the purpose of Cricket
    iv. Players should be in team jerseys when representing the team in the tournament

    i. Tokyo Tornados treat the breach of the player conduct rule very seriously
    ii. In the event of breaching the player conduct rule on the field, the player will serve a 1-month
         cooling period on the bench in addition to the ban imposed by JCA/Respective tournament
    iii. In the event of breaching the player conduct rule off the field causing Verbal Abuse / Harassment
          / Bullying, Player will be suspended from the club with immediate effect

    i. Player conduct rule applies to the captain as well
    ii. The captain/vice-captain of the respective tournaments must roll out the Availability forms to
          members of the club and must pick the playing 11 keeping the 50-50 rule in mind
    iii. The captain should invite for a huddle-talk before the start of the game and remind players about the on-field behaviour
    iv. The captain must keep the Vice-captain informed of any decisions & vice-versa

    i. Tokyo Tornados is committed to extending support in JCA/Any Tournament Committee cricketing
        activities. JCA runs tournaments with the help of volunteers and we are no exception to that.
        Umpiring duty is one among them. Upon receiving the umpiring schedule from JCA, players will be
         asked to choose the date that works for them. Unable to find enough volunteers, we will pick
         volunteers for umpiring by an “UNLUCKY DRAW”. Travel expenses + Lunch (1000円) or 5000円
         whichever is less will be paid to umpire volunteers on completing the task as per the schedule.
    ii. Tokyo Tornados welcome more volunteers to shed ideas for the development of the Club. All the
         registered players with a minimum of 2 years of experience are welcome to take up any of the

Assistant Finance Manager, Assistant Club Manager, Player Selection Team, Social Media Team